UDig NY Announces Enhancements Coming to Exactix Platform

On the evening of Wednesday, September 20, 2023, UDig NY will be upgrading its free web-based location request and management platform, Exactix. This upgrade will include mobile ticket entry, changes to the Work Completed toggle on Location Requests, ability for advanced users to Copy a Location Request, and a new secondary ticket menu for Members.

  • Mobile ticket entry will now be available. On September 21, simply visit Exactix.UDigNY.Org using your smartphone’s browser and log into your account using your Exactix credentials. Once you are logged in, you will see an option on your home screen that says, “New Ticket.” You can also find this option in your menu options. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary information and submit your Location Request hassle-free. To learn about the process for submitting location requests on Exactix Mobile in each Exactix role, please see the videos linked below:
  • The Work Completed toggle will now prevent a user from making changes to a ticket. Once a user toggles or selects Work Completed, changes and actions like Locate Again, cannot be made to the Location Request. A user has a 45-minute window to undo the action. Copies of “completed” tickets can still be made for future Location Requests.


  • Excavators in an advanced role within Exactix (after training), will now have the added function of Copy. This can be found in the three-dot menu options on the ticket dashboard. The Copy function allows a user to create a new Location Request with ease, only having to change necessary information for the new request. This functionality is very useful for those completing large projects that need to break up the amount of work per ticket.


  • A new secondary ticket menu dashboard has been added for Members. This dashboard is called Past Due and displays Location Requests in which a member has not responded to, or has responded to with a dig delay and the ticket is now in a NOW DUE status. This means that the member still needs to change their response from a dig delay to an actionable response for the excavator.

If you have any questions regarding these upcoming enhancements, please use one of our Service Desk options below and a member of our Web or Member Services teams will reach out to you.

Service Desk for Excavators, click HERE.

Service Desk for Members, click HERE.