Placing a Location Request

811 before you digImportant things to know

Whether you use our online Location Request program – Exactix, or call 811, UDig NY needs the following information about your upcoming digging project to create a location request:

  • Contact Information
    This is contact information for the person placing the location request.
  • Excavator Site Contact Information
    This is the contact information for the person working on the job site, known as the Field Contact. You can place multiple Field Contacts on your Location Request. Utility Representatives and their Locators will contact the Field Contact with questions about the dig site or job.
  • Information About Your Project
    This section includes the type of work you are doing, the type of equipment you will be using, work site dimensions, and more.
  • Dates and Times
    You will need to know when your project will begin, and how long the project is anticipated to last. For specific information about UDig NY’s location request types, on the Types of Location Requests heading at the top of the window.
  • Mapping
    You will need to locate your work site on a map. This information will not only verify your work site is in the correct location, but also notify the correct utilities in the area of your work site.

For the complete list of fields/information required for a location request, you can view UDig NY’s planning sheet on the Resources Page.

Once your location request has been submitted, you will be provided with:

  • Serialized reference number that you and member utilities can use to refer to this request.
  • A list of member utilities that will receive the stake-out request, and their respective contact information.

Keep this information for your records, so you can confirm your request and that you have received a response from all notified member utilities prior to starting your work.

If you call 811 and speak to one of our Damage Prevention Representatives (DPR), please note that the conversation between you and the UDig NY representative is recorded and archived for your protection, should any questions arise.

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Types of Location Requests

Regular Location Requests make up the vast majority of Location Requests processed by UDig NY. This is a legal notification that excavation will begin after at least two (2) full business/working days, not including holidays or weekends.

Design Location Requests are a useful tool when planning a project to give you an idea of what utilities are buried underground, while in the development stages of the job. Design Location Requests are available for engineers, planning firms, and design groups, that wish to get contact information for utility design departments.

Design Location Requests can be placed using Exactix, after training by UDig NY’s Web Services team. To contact the Web Services team, click here. Design Location Requests can also be placed by contacting 811 and speaking to a UDig NY Damage Prevention Representative.

Emergency Location Requests can be placed for excavations being performed to resolve an issue that poses an immediate “threat to life, property or vital utilities.” It is asked that you do not abuse the Emergency Location Request and have a crew on-site, or on the way to the site of the emergency.

Emergency Location Requests can only be placed by contacting 811 and speaking to a UDig NY Damage Prevention Representative, unless you are a Member Utility.

The Meet Location Request facilitates pre-demolition or pre-construction site meetings between an excavator and utility representatives. The Meet Location Request is also an ideal way to foster communication between yourself and the utilities in your proposed work area. A Meet Location Request can not be used as a request for an actual demolition or excavation.

Meet Location Requests can only be placed by contacting 811 and speaking to a UDig NY Damage Prevention Representative.

Demolitions are defined as the partial or total wrecking, razing, rending moving or removal of any structure.

By law, any Demolition Location Request requires a pre-demolition conference. This is the Meet Location Request and should take place seven (7)-days prior to the actual demolition, as reference in NYS Code Rule 753-3.1(c). The pre-demolition conference does not replace the need to submit a location request for the actual demolition.

Demolition Location Requests can only be placed by contacting 811 and speaking to a UDig NY Damage Prevention Representative.

Short Notice Location Requests are illegal requests to begin an excavation before the minimum requirement of two (2)-full business days, as outlined in a Regular Location Request.

Since UDig NY’s mission is to prevent damages and increase public safety, illegal requests to excavate will not be refused, but are strongly discouraged.

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