Search Requests


UDig NY keeps records of all location requests for 4.5 years. A Search Request is required if you are looking for any location request older than 10 business days.

Please note for legal purposes, UDig NY cannot consider the result of a search (or lack of result) as authoritative unless you have provided an exact ticket number. UDig NY must always treat any other type of search result (or lack of result) as being speculative. We can never state, “this location (stakeout) request was for this excavation.” All we can say is, “the following criteria produced the following candidates.” Likewise, we can never state, “this excavation did not have a location (stakeout) request.” All we can say is given the search criteria, it was inadequate for finding any viable candidates.

If you are NOT a Member Utility (or a representative of a Member Utility), there is a $25.00 charge for each search, payable by CHECK ONLY to UDig NY. Search criteria will not be processed until the fee has been received.

Please mail this along with a copy of all information to:

UDig NY, Inc.
Attn: Search Department
6706 Collamer Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057