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Together towards tomorrowWelcome to the center for damage prevention

UDig NY along with QPK Architects and Granger Construction designed and executed the construction of this space to meet the organizations current and future needs. Both organizations took a leap of faith to achieve something that no one else in the country has attempted—intentionally designing an indoor space in which a mini excavator and other mechanized equipment can operate. This space will provide a controlled environment for excavators and industry professionals to complete hands-on training during the off-season months, thus furthering educational opportunities and damage prevention.

Indoor Dig Area & Public Training Room:

  • Mock utilities (water, sewer, electric, gas, and communication) as found in a housing development
  • Fits a mini-excavator
  • Dig box and view pit
  • Ability to pressurize water and gas lines
  • Display screens
  • Camera systems with the ability to display in the dig area and classroom
  • Microphone and speaker systems
  • Kitchenette
  • Training room accommodates 50 people

Classroom and hands-on training perfect for:

  • Locator Training
  • Excavator Training
  • Damage Response Training
  • Utility Training
  • And more

Form Instructions:

Complete and submit the form below, per event, no later than 10-business days prior to the event.

Once this form is submitted, UDig NY will verify the space and date requested is available.

We will then provide the person requesting the space with the space usage terms and other pertinent information.

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the UDig NY Center for Damage Prevention.

If you should have any questions please also use the contact information below:

Amber Hadley
Executive Assistant
UDig NY, Inc.
[email protected]

Center For Damage Prevention
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