Take Control with Coursettra

Work isn’t just work. It’s the gas in your tank, the groceries on your list, the surprise outing with loved ones, and all the other little things that complete your life. So, when your job requires you by law to become a certified excavator, you take it very seriously. That’s why software solutions like Coursettra, Dig Safely New York’s free online Learning Management System, was created. Coursettra allows you to take matters into your own hands by staying on track and managing your excavator certification.

The online system gives each user the ability to register for the full Certified Excavator Program (CEP) course or the recertification course. It also allows users to track their progress, take their certification exam, and check the status of/print their certification.

Coursettra is easy to use. Once you log into your account, you land on your homepage where you can navigate to your unique training history by clicking on the “My Training History” tab. Here you can view a list of certificates you’ve earned, courses you’ve completed, any online or in-person training you’ve completed, and even meetings hosted by Dig Safely New York you’ve attended. The “Training Library” tab shows you all of the upcoming training opportunities and schedules, for both online and in-person training opportunities. Just click on any one of the options and follow the prompts to register.

We believe this is a user-friendly platform, but like most technology it has potential for enhancements to make the program even better. Account holders can also provide input about how the program functions. For example, the Development Team at 4iQ Solutions, Coursettra’s parent company, is reviewing the user experience to anticipate needs and drive changes in the platform to a more satisfying experience for you. That means now is the time to voice your opinion! You can do this by reaching out to your local Field Representative and let them know what suggestions you have to improve your experience with Coursettra.