C.T. Male Associates

Contact Name: Raymond Liuzzo, PLS
Current Address: 50 Century Hill Drive, Latham, NY, 12110
Email: [email protected]
Phone (Office): (518) 786-7400
Fax: (518) 786-7299
Products/Services Provided:
Our Surveyors are trained to locate utilities on public or private property, in conjunction with the Dig Safely New York service (811) that facilitates utility locations within public road rights-of-way. This service can be used to locate utilities in conjunction with design surveys or prior to subsurface investigation or construction activities. Utility location services fit well within our Survey Division whose staff understand utilities, geophysical features, and field survey locations and mapping. Marked utilities can then be field surveyed and the data collected can be integrated into our topographic surveying services providing an inclusive base map of existing conditions.

The need for these services is growing as utilities age, continue to deteriorate, and need to be replaced. The new electromagnetic equipment C.T. Male uses digital electromagnetic signal processing to identify underground assets deeper, faster, and with greater accuracy than with older equipment. C.T. Male can locate, mark out and map buried utilities allowing you to protect your underground assets, a critical component of your next design project.