Partners in Safety

Throughout the history of our organization, Dig Safely New York, has been committed to promoting a culture of safety. Partnering with our Members makes this possible on a large scale ensuring our damage prevention message is heard by tens of thousands of people each year.

Partnership opportunities between Dig Safely New York and Members can have a different look and feel depending on the venue, audience, and outreach desired. From reaching out to homeowners with our Grid Garden Giveaway, sponsored by National Grid, to National Fuel’s direct mailing campaign targeting professional excavators with educational content, partnering with Dig Safely New York provides an array of resources to promote your brand with our mission.

When you partner with Dig Safely New York, we provide access to our promotions and marketing team to help spread your message. Our marketing and promotions staff include a graphic designer, social media manager, web editors, video editor, and writers who can create and purchase promotional content surrounding a company’s campaign. Our creative team can help you design a promotional campaign that is fresh, fun, and unique to your company and message.

This past year we continued our annual Nursery Program. This program seeks to reach out to homeowners in an attempt to spread awareness about the 811 and safe digging before home projects are started. Promotional items that were distributed during this campaign included t-shirts, counter mats, and seed packets—all of which reinforced the message of digging safely.

Have a specific event or idea in mind? Dig Safely New York will work in partnership with you to create the promotion your brand desires. Maybe you’re thinking about sponsoring a local sporting event, providing community outreach, or would like to do a product or service giveaway but aren’t sure where to start. Dig Safely New York can help! Partnering with us opens up a world of professional resources designed to help you achieve your marketing goals. Take advantage of the resources a partnership with Dig Safely New York provides and make your name synonymous with safety.

Contact the Marketing Department for more information at: [email protected]