Partnering for a Purpose

By now, nearly everyone has heard the phrase “It takes a village”, pointing to the teamwork and collaboration needed to make an important goal possible.  This is especially true in the not-for-profit world, where staff and budgets are often lean. That’s why Dig Safely New York relies on the collaborative relationships we have established with our member organizations to help spread the message around the need for safe digging practices.  We have always found ways to work with our members to promote damage prevention, and this year we’re targeting even more innovative Shared Campaigns.

A Shared Campaign is a perfect example of a highly collaborative relationship and strategy. A member may have a specific safety focus they want to emphasize – such as safer digging in tolerance zones to reduce damages – or just a general safety reminder.  Typically, the member provides a budget for campaign development and implementation, and our marketing staff works with them to develop the creative concepts and deliverables to achieve their goals.  For example, National Grid provided funds to create an engaging campaign to promote safety, and Dig Safely New York staff created Grid Garden Giveaway, a contest aimed at homeowners who work – and dig – in their gardens. National Grid had a damage prevention outreach need and our marketing staff facilitated their efforts.

We also partner with member utilities for our annual Nursery Program, another damage prevention effort. For this campaign, we send out free seed packets and t-shirts to nurseries in Upstate New York. The packets have our logo and the phrase “Always 811 Before You Dig” to encourage DIYers to contact 811. Members had the opportunity to sponsor a countertop display box where they gained brand awareness and association with safe digging education.

Finally, we’re in the planning stages of a Shared Campaign with another member who has identified excavators who have either not filed tickets prior to digging, or who have caused damage to their utilities.  Dig Safely New York, as always, remains committed to safety education, damage prevention, and collaboration with our partners to make that all possible.

If you would like to partner with us, then please contact our Marketing Department at [email protected].