Hang Up the Phone: Why Submitting Your Location Request Online is Better

know the low rider…

Do Do Do Do Dooo Do Do Do Dooo Do Dooo Do…

Miss the Low Rider hold music? Us either. We’ve replaced Low Rider with Exactix.

Exactix is Dig Safely New York’s new online Location Request platform that doesn’t require you to pick up the phone and sit on hold at all.  Questions like your name, address, who will be digging, the digging location and if you’ll be blasting or boring, which is what a Damage Prevention Representative would ask on the phone, are the same questions you’re asked through Exactix.

“We wanted to give excavators a better set of tools to manage their own work,” said Kevin Hopper, Executive Director, Dig Safely New York. “We believe that in time, the increased visibility within the system will help reduce the stress on the industry. Aspects like long hold times, over notification, late tickets, and unverified job sites are all issues that this system can improve to lighten the burden in today’s industry.”

There are three key benefits to know about Exacitx: it’s easyaccurate, and integrated.


Exactix offers enhancements to the Location Request submission process. It gives users complete access to manage their excavation experience. It can also take users five minutes or less to input the Location Request information because all of your contact information is pre-populated into the system when you create an Exactix account.

Exactix is always maintained and updated with the latest information and mapping for the user’s area. The Google-isc platform also helps users find the exact address of the area they’re marking out, so they get the correct location every time.

The system has been integrated into the Dig Safely New York Learning Management Software, Coursettra. An effort made by Dig Safely New York to customize, enrich, and supplement the user’s educational experience. This was done by the organization consistently working with 4iQ Solutions, the parent company of Exactix and Coursettra.

Next time you pick up your phone to call us at Dig Safely New York, consider going to My.DigSafelyNewYork.com instead to learn more about Exactix, access the platform, or even submit help desk tickets.

“As someone that has been using locates for over 30 years, when Dig Safe began the rollout of the new system I was skeptical of a change to what I have used for years,” Jack Ryan, an Exacix user, said. “After going through training and starting the use the system, now I use it all the time. Ease of use both to enter tickets and check response. And no wait time on phone.”