UDig NY Announces Enhancements Coming to Exactix Platform

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Planning a digging project this spring in Upstate New York? UDig NY has important information for you.

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UDig NY Celebrates 811 Day by Launching Educational Microsite for Kids

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Survey reveals more than 34 million Americans plan to dig without contacting 811 first, putting communities at risk

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Dig Safely New York Unveils New Name: UDig NY

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Governor Kathy Hochul Signs Bill Protecting 19 Million Residents Indefinitely with Increased Education and Underground Utility Safety

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New Spotlight Series: Beneath The Surface

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Take Control with Coursettra

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Hang Up the Phone: Why Submitting Your Location Request Online is Better

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Utilizing the Excavator Simulator: A Closer Look at Innovative Safety Training

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How Dig Safely New York Educates on Private Utilities vs Public Utilities

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Rapidly Growing List of Homeowners Should “Know What’s Below” Before Digging

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